Thank you for considering Emergency Response Training, Inc. to meet your training needs. Our mission is to keep you going home every day the same way you went to work, safe.

We have built a facility in South Houston to give you or your adjusters the hands on training you need to be safe on a roof!

Our approach is very simple and effective. Our course is all about you getting real HANDS-ON experience. We have constructed a safe environment for you or your adjusters to practice on an actual steep roof giving you an opportunity to practice the lessons you have learned. There is MORE THAN 8 HOURS of Hands-On time allowing you to perfect the techniques. Our instructors are dedicated to you proficiently demonstrating the skills you need to go home every day safe.

"Approved by TX, OK and NOW FL for 16 hours of CE!!!

Why Steep Roof Rope Access Training?
The roof inspection industry is growing and safety of inspectors is now on OSHA's radar. In fact, OSHA requires that there be safety procedures implemented when inspecting roof slopes of 4/12 pitch or greater. A Total of 297,000 workers fell down on the job in 2006 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Falls cause more lost time than any other class of occupational accident and are the second leading cause of work-related deaths after motor vehicle crashes. Falls account for 8% of occupational fatalities (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). It is our mission to make sure that you are not another statistic.

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Course Description:
At the conclusion of this course the student will understand the dangers of steep roof rope access and the safe methods to minimize that associated risk. They will be educated on fall arrest equipment, including personal fall arrest systems (PFAS). Each student will be able to select, use and care for their rope, ascenders, descenders, carabiners, and webbing. They will get hands-on experiences in equipment inspection techniques. Proper types and styles as well as fitting of a harness will also be taught. A brief overview of OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards will be given. The Student will be proficient at five common knots that will be used to keep them safe. They will be taught to identify and set up safe anchors. Team and solo roof inspection will be convered in this course. The instructor will cover adaptive footwear. The student will get extensive hands-on experience in anchor rigging, proper use of ladders, rope access techniques, and self-rescue skills.

Why Choose Us?

  • EXPERIENCE: This Course was developed by individuals with over 60 combined years of high angle rescue training experience.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: This Course is ONLY $350 for 16 hours, TX, OK, & FL CE available.**
  • SAFE & SIMPLE: This Course is designed around safe, easy, and extremely effective tried and true methods to keep adjusters safe.
  • PROTECTION: We have a 3 MILLION DOLLAR general liability policy to cover our students.
  • NON-AFFILIATED: We are strictly a training company. We are not in the business of stealing your adjusters or selling their contact information to a third party.

* A minimum of 5 students per class.
** TX CE an additional $16, OK CE an additional $20 for State Registration Fees, and FL CE is Free.

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